Aipower Wearbuds Review – The Perfect Wireless Earbuds + Fitness Band

In recent years, with the popularity of wireless earbuds, there are many models on the market for you to choose from. With no wires running between headset and phone, wireless earbuds can make you feel more free. And it won’t limit your movement. They’re quite small and lightweight, and most people should find them quite comfortable, even during longer listening sessions.

With the revolutionary design, Aipower offers an alternative solution that can not only provide a decent pair of earbuds, but also an exercise-tracking smart watch that can be firmly strapped to your wrist. With Aipower, everything you need is on your wrist, and you are able to charge it at any time., even when biking, hiking, or morning walk. Hence, when you want to listen to music, you don’t have to open your backpack or pocket to find headphones everywhere, your Wearbuds is within reach.

The Wearbuds design is durable and rigid. Also, it got IPX6 water resistance. To meet your need in outdoor sessions, the Wearbuds are sweatproof and have a nano-coating that repels fingerprints. Because of the use of advanced Qualcomm smart audio chips, you can easily enjoy smooth and flawless music anytime. With graphene augmented drivers, it brings you amazing high-fidelity sound, immersing you in wonderful concert station.  

One unusual feature claimed for the Wearbuds is that they support mono mode, a feature that comes from the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology and this promises you with minimal or null connectivity issues and hands-free phone calls with just one earbud in use. There is also an added feature yo get your fitness data synced to your smartphone via the Aipower app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

It uses touch controls that allow you to tap or press one side of the earplugs to adjust the volume, change music, play or pause, and even use other features of the phone through a mobile assistant.

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