GoFindMe Real-Time GPS Tracker Lets you Always Connect With Your Friends Even Without Cellular Connection

GoFindMe is an off-grid GPS tracking gear to help you locate your family and friends in real time. It requires no monthly subscription or Sim card. This is a great device to ensure you always connect with your family or friends during the adventure.

With the built-in GPS modules and the low-power wide-area network LoRa technology, GoFindMe can work independently without Wi-Fi or any cellular networks. Whether you are hiking, skiing, or joining any other outdoor activities, you can keep touch with your friends in places where there is no signal coverage.

“Track each other instantly by real-time position, distance, direction and trace display. Connect with your group and find every group member easily at all times. Send texts, locations & pre-recorded voice messages to your people even without cell service, making communication a lot easier. No worry about message security since it’s all encrypted.“

GoFindMe stand-alone GPS Tracker highlight features:

  1. Locate your people by real-time location, direction, and distance
  2. Send off-grid text or voice messages to your people as you need, 100% secure.
  3. Send your emergency request and exact coordinates with one button
  4. Automatically record your movement and your people can freely check your position
  5. 3 free offline maps you can download
  6. Set a safe zone for your kids or wandering pets
  7. Up to 72 working hours on a single charge 
  8. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
  9. FCC & CE & IC approved  

Source: Indiegogo 

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